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Make the feeling of summer last all year with beach art! Experience sun-bathing beauties, sandy beaches, dream destinations, and refreshing bodies of water in museum-quality photo art.

Bring home sun-soaked beaches, contemplative seascape prints, and idyllic beach landscapes that capture the spirit of summer!

Beach and coastal artists

Works by impressionists like Claude Monet and Mary Cassatt belong to some of the most famous beach paintings of all time. For these artists, and others like Edgar Degas, Henri Matisse, and Pablo Picasso, the beach was a point of intersection for artistic explorations of perception and color, and of social reality.
The beach was often a stage for moments of innovation. In Edgar Degas' 1867 Beach Scene, Degas created an impressionist masterpiece, depicting in an impressionist pallette the beach as a destination for bourgeoise pleasure-seekers, while breaking from the methods of plein air painting favored by both traditional landscape painters and impressionists.
In Pablo Picasso's famous miniature painting Two Women Running on the Beach, classical figures with Cubistic elements frolick freely over the sand.

Works by Martin Munkacsi are among the most famous beach photographs. In his hands, beach photography became a favored location for fashion photography. Artists like Stefanie Schneider depict beach scenes with the distilled essence of the americana artistic style; and Massimo Vitali, like the printmaker Shepard Fairey, is known for depicting beach scenes with more skepticism, in which sun and sea are locations of consumerist escape.
From above, photo artists like Gray Malin and Tommy Clarke create some of the world's most compelling aerial beach landscapes.

Abstract Beach Art

Explore abstract fine art featuring beaches! Peruvian artist Patrick Tschudi is a master of mixed media art. His works begin as photographs, which he later converts into paintings. The characters in these works are highly personable, and yet inscrutable on a personal level: they are generic figures taken from traffic signage.

Decorating Your Home with Beach Themed Art

In general, beaches set an accent of optimism and playfulness in a home decor concept. Sun and fun against views of the vast ocean are familiar vibes of summer-themed art
Feature a beach landscape high on the walls of a living room. Photographic art featuring people is intriguing in a way that pictures of natural landscapes are not. These works call upon a viewer to become involved with characters, and to imagine a scene as present to human beings.
By contrast, beach landscapes not featuring humans, or composed from a distance, are always given through the eyes of the artist. Taking this effect into account can be helpful in deciding which beach-themed motif is right for your walls.
As with any kind of artwork, furnishing a room with beach art must be done with thought to a given space as you find it. If you are adding a work to an already furnished room, some forethought considering the place of the work in a room is appropriate.
Because beach scenes are often bright and luminous, you can use them to center a room and furnishings which surround them - to brighten up a dark corner, or to soak up sun on a wall near a window with natural light. Is your wall decor concept thought through to the end? Then dive right in!

Decorating Your Home with Beach Themed Art