Acrylic artworks by Werner Pawlok and Rogerio Reis

Acrylic Artworks: Photo Art Under Glass

The LUMAS signature is photo art mounted beneath museum-grade acrylic glass.

The motif is printed using the cutting edge in inks and photo paper, and then mounted under acrylic over Aluminum Dibond, a special aluminum backing developed and used specifically for art. Discover the benefits of mounting your artworks under acrylic!

Selection of Acrylic-Mounted Artworks:

Longlasting Artworks: The benefits of acrylic

Acrylglasbild in jedem Format

➤Our products are built with the highest degree of precision, and prepared with an unmatched degree of care. With acrylic-glass mounting, you receive an usually long-lasting product

➤ We use elastic, fluid silicon for our mountings. Once hardened, they are practically unbreakable, surviving scratches, changes in temperature, and more

Acrylic protects your artwork from dust, grime, and damage

➤ Unlike cheap canvas-printed wall art, our acrylic mounting enhances rather than suffocates the motif, allowing it to radiate in the plenitude of its light, color, line, and subject matter

Acrylic Art has a profound effect

➤ Acrylic provides an artwork a stunning 3D effect, through which your artwork attains a certain depth as light and color refracts through and is mirrored in the glass.

➤The protective grafting with acrylic works with all formats, from small to XXL. It imparts to each motif an elegant, high-quality effect which deepens the color and lighting effect of a given work.

➤ The acrylic mounting protects your artwork from UV-rays. Still, it is best not to place them under direct sunlight.

➤ Acrylic mounting is a modern alternative to classic mounting techniques. It allows the motif of the artwork to boldly come through without any distraction.

Looking for art in a specific theme or genre? From Pop Art to landscape art the LUMAS portfolio contains a wealth fine art photography available under acrylic face-mounting.

Producing Acrylic Artworks

Our production methods are industry-leading and world-renowned. Our longtime partners in the WhitewWall photo lab in Frechen print your work directly onto the Aluminum Dibond. Then they apply the high-end acrylic silicone, exactly a millimeter thick.

Your acrylic artwork is sent in special art packaging, which protects your work during delivery. With preinstalled hanging rails, your work arrives ready to hang. For ideas and tips from frame options to hanging your art, explore our art inspirations.

Acrylic art facts:

  • Acrylic protects high quality photo prints from damage and contamination.

  • By using elastic silicone in our face-mounting, we guarantee that there is no breathing room between the print and the glass: no bubbles or tears emerge.

  • The premounted hanging rails are designed for a quick and easy hanging. The way colors come through the glass can also be manipulated by leaning an artwork at different angles against the wall and at different heights, giving rise to a variety of effects.

  • For cleaning your acrylic work we recommend microfiber towels. Simply wipe the surface without glass cleaner or any other liquids.

Curated Contemporary Acrylic Artworks:

Cleaning Tips

Cleaning tips for acrylic artworks

Unsure how to clean your acrylic art? Follow these tips!:

  • Acrylic protects high quality photo prints from damage and contamination.

  • To enjoy your work for long time, do not use scouring cleanser or other gritty cleaning products, which can damage the glass surface.

  • Use a microfiber or wool cloth, and wipe softly and with a gentle to remove dirt, dust, grime, and fingerprints.

  • Positive airflow: To avoid dust and other airborne grime, hang or lean your work in an open area with a lot of airflow.

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