Water Painting & Water Art: The Intoxication of the Elements

Water photography & water paintings with clear mountain lakes, stormy ocean waves or summery beaches. Discover the fascinating diversity of contemporary water art!

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Water Art & Water Photography: A Source of Strength & Calm

Water photographs invite one to reflect. Bodies of water have always exerted a strong fascination on people. As a genre of photographic art, the meditation upon water is a life-affirming creative form, both a homage to Mother Nature and a symbol of human freedom.

Coastal Art for Your Walls: Freedom and Infinity

The sight of the oceanic horizon invites brooding on finitude and speculation about infinity. Where sea and sky merge is a kind of visual coastline, the simultaneous termination of two elements, and the point at which they start again beyond the observer's grasp. Our collection of water photography contains a wealth of oceanscapes. Wolfgang Uhlig's engrossing photos capture the mysteries of the ocean depths. Serge Hamad, with his laterally organized diptychs, is an abstract master of the oceanic horizon.

Lumas Water Photo Artists

The calm sea with a dead straight horizon is just one popular motif among many. Thundering waves, lake photography, tranquil surfaces, aerial ocean and beach photography, and vast oceanic landscapes are a few of the most popular genres of water photography - all well-represented in the Lumas portfolio of photo artists.

Beach photography by the likes of Ricoh Gerbl and Rafael Nef strike us as contemplative treatments of normally playful environments. Tom Hegen, Peter Yan, and Tommy Clarke are some of the world's most exciting and sought-after aerial art photographers, documenting irrigation canals, crags with built-in swimming pools, and waves crashing onto the shore in brightly-colored beach scenes.

The Right Place For Your Water Photography

In considering the best place to hang your photograph, the subject-matter of the picture plays the most important role. Whether your photo depicts a roaring surf, a windless sea, or a school of fish, you'll want to make sure that the color, shooting angle, and direction of movement within the picture play some role in your decor plans.

In general, water photography almost always fits well in bathrooms, saunas, and areas designated for wellness or calm. But the possibilities for setting a really original accent in a room expand when you consider placing water photography in other (typically drier) rooms. A large oceanscape, for example, both expands your optical horizons and brings new worlds into your hallway, bedroom, or living room. Arrangements of photographs which are related by theme or color - or which present a kind of personalized narrative evolution, for example from canal to crashing wave to oceanscape - are suitable for both narrower and more open wall-spaces. In the latter case, these can foreground the arrangement in a room, and be used to showcase your customized aesthetic concept.

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