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The Lumas portfolio contains a wide variety of exclusive artwork by famous and emerging artists. Explore our curated collections, and find the right print for your home or office!

The Lumas Concept: Photographic Art Prints

Our prints are unique. Unlike cheap prints, ours undergo traditional processes of photo development on light-sensitive paper - a state-of-the-art twist on the process artists have used since the beginning of the medium. This results in a unique and high quality piece of modern art.

A Lumas print combines the labor of photography with the traditional subject matter of art prints, which in addition to photography include drawings and engravings, and more recently, paintings and digitally created art. A Lumas print, then, is a museum-quality photograph featuring anything from panoramic photos of city skylines to vivid drawings in the style of abstract paintings.



 curated digital art prints: Timeless by Andrey Yakovlev & Lili Aleeva
Andrey Yakovlev & Lili Aleeva
from € 539  to € 2,179
 curated digital art prints: Freedom Tower by Sabine Wild
Freedom Tower
Sabine Wild
from € 889  to € 2,039
 curated digital art prints: Spring Storm by Christine Jaschek
Spring Storm
Christine Jaschek
from € 939  to € 2,639
 curated digital art prints: Departure by Stefan Saalfeld
Stefan Saalfeld
from € 1,249  to € 2,329
 curated digital art prints: Speicherstadt by Anja Neudert
Anja Neudert
€ 2,499
 curated digital art prints: Monster of Grace 4.1 by Graft
Monster of Grace 4.1
from € 1,319  to € 2,539
 curated digital art prints: Golden Gate Panoramic by Pep Ventosa
Golden Gate Panoramic
Pep Ventosa
from € 879  to € 1,869
 curated digital art prints: Tokio, Akihabara II by Andrej Barov
Tokio, Akihabara II
Andrej Barov
€ 1,309
 curated digital art prints: White Foam, Cantabria  by Ciuco Gutiérrez
White Foam, Cantabria
Ciuco Gutiérrez
€ 3,359
 curated digital art prints: Monster of Grace 2.1 by Graft
Monster of Grace 2.1
from € 1,319  to € 2,539
 curated digital art prints: Istanbul, Atakoy I by Murat Germen
Istanbul, Atakoy I
Murat Germen
from € 1,159  to € 2,329


Black and White


 curated artchitecture prints: Taking-Off, 21:45 by Luc Dratwa
Taking-Off, 21:45
Luc Dratwa
€ 199
 curated artchitecture prints: Hong Kong Nathan road by Sandra Rauch
Hong Kong Nathan road
Sandra Rauch
€ 3,509
 curated artchitecture prints: Congresso Nacional by Henning Bock
Congresso Nacional
Henning Bock
from € 1,099  to € 2,569
 curated artchitecture prints: New York by Henning Bock
New York
Henning Bock
from € 1,099  to € 2,569
 curated artchitecture prints: Psychology in the jungle by Jens Hausmann
Psychology in the jungle
Jens Hausmann
from € 729  to € 1,399
 curated artchitecture prints: O.T. (Caracas I) by Stephanie Kloss
O.T. (Caracas I)
Stephanie Kloss
from € 549  to € 1,499
 curated artchitecture prints: Bauhaus by Horst & Daniel Zielske
Horst & Daniel Zielske
€ 1,049
 curated artchitecture prints: Hidden City 2 by Navid Baraty
Hidden City 2
Navid Baraty
from € 939  to € 2,559
 curated artchitecture prints: Hong Kong by Wenpeng Lu
Hong Kong
Wenpeng Lu
from € 1,359  to € 2,669
 curated artchitecture prints: Bouncy IV by Peter Funch
Bouncy IV
Peter Funch
€ 199
 curated artchitecture prints: Hans-Dietrich Genscher by Faz Edition / Kai - Uwe Gundlach
Hans-Dietrich Genscher
Faz Edition / Kai - Uwe Gundlach
from € 299  to € 1,319
 curated artchitecture prints: Archisculpture 27 by Beomsik Won
Archisculpture 27
Beomsik Won
from € 909  to € 1,419
 curated artchitecture prints: Cells Interlinked by Peter Stewart
Cells Interlinked
Peter Stewart
from € 1,099  to € 2,799
 curated artchitecture prints: Tropea by Larry Yust
Larry Yust
from € 599  to € 1,319


 curated fashion prints The Entrepreneur by Vincent Poole
The Entrepreneur
Vincent Poole
€ 2,229
 curated fashion prints On the Line by Derek Gores
On the Line
Derek Gores
from € 679  to € 1,409
 curated fashion prints Madone Atalante by Christian Lacroix
Madone Atalante
Christian Lacroix
€ 819
 curated fashion prints Red Rose by Andrey Yakovlev & Lili Aleeva
Red Rose
Andrey Yakovlev & Lili Aleeva
from € 519  to € 1,449
 curated fashion prints Prada Marfa 8:48PM by Adam Mørk
Prada Marfa 8:48PM
Adam Mørk
from € 369  to € 1,329
 curated fashion prints Cameo by Andrey Yakovlev & Lili Aleeva
Andrey Yakovlev & Lili Aleeva
from € 719  to € 1,049
 curated fashion prints Princess by Andrey Yakovlev & Lili Aleeva
Andrey Yakovlev & Lili Aleeva
from € 719  to € 1,049
 curated fashion prints Madé by Sune Czajkowski
Sune Czajkowski
from € 989  to € 1,719
 curated fashion prints Vie du jour by Will Falize
Vie du jour
Will Falize
from € 889  to € 1,719
 curated fashion prints Fashion's Seasons II by Christian Lacroix
Fashion's Seasons II
Christian Lacroix
from € 1,319  to € 2,269
 curated fashion prints Luxury Grunge by Sune Czajkowski
Luxury Grunge
Sune Czajkowski
from € 939  to € 1,719
 curated fashion prints Cover, Pierre Mourgue I by German Vogue Collection
Cover, Pierre Mourgue I
German Vogue Collection
€ 999
 curated fashion prints Clichy Hotel by Pamela Hanson | Trunk Archive
Clichy Hotel
Pamela Hanson | Trunk Archive
from € 919  to € 1,509


 curated flowers prints: Only In Your Heart 02 by Isabelle Menin
Only In Your Heart 02
Isabelle Menin
from € 1,049  to € 4,239
 curated flowers prints: EXUBERANCE II by Heiko Hellwig
Heiko Hellwig
from € 489  to € 1,899
 curated flowers prints: Lizard Tongue by Orlanda Broom
Lizard Tongue
Orlanda Broom
from € 379  to € 1,469
 curated flowers prints: Ricochet I by Thomas Florschuetz
Ricochet I
Thomas Florschuetz
€ 1,319
 curated flowers prints: Philonenthus by Rive Roshan
Rive Roshan
from € 1,009  to € 1,869
 curated flowers prints: Cactus No. 94 by Kwangho Lee
Cactus No. 94
Kwangho Lee
from € 849  to € 1,379
 curated flowers prints: Aurum XI by Michael Wissing
Aurum XI
Michael Wissing
from € 379  to € 1,309
 curated flowers prints: Cervus Bos Bovinae Paradisus by Andre Sanchez
Cervus Bos Bovinae Paradisus
Andre Sanchez
€ 29


 curated vintage prints: Let's Make Up by Cindy Press
Let's Make Up
Cindy Press
€ 159
 curated vintage prints: Pool Desert Tiger by Paul Fuentes
Pool Desert Tiger
Paul Fuentes
from € 569  to € 1,759
 curated vintage prints: Donington Park by Anonym
Donington Park
from € 149  to € 219
 curated vintage prints: On the Road by Anna Halm Schudel
On the Road
Anna Halm Schudel
from € 939  to € 2,399
 curated vintage prints: THE SECRET II by Joe Mcdermott
Joe Mcdermott
from € 1,079  to € 2,029
 curated vintage prints: Waiting for Love by Peperina Magenta
Waiting for Love
Peperina Magenta
from € 369  to € 939
 curated vintage prints: The Modern Paradise - Miami Beach 2 by Mijoo Kim & Minjin Kang
The Modern Paradise - Miami Beach 2
Mijoo Kim & Minjin Kang
from € 389  to € 789

Still Life

 curated still life prints: Florescence XV by Juan Fortes
Florescence XV
Juan Fortes
from € 559  to € 2,489
 curated still life prints: Flowers 2 by Sibylle Prinzessin Von Preussen
Flowers 2
Sibylle Prinzessin Von Preussen
from € 619  to € 909
 curated still life prints: Still life with Franz Kline by Guy Diehl
Still life with Franz Kline
Guy Diehl
from € 499  to € 1,089
 curated still life prints: Sophia's Pasta Diet by Dan Bannino
Sophia's Pasta Diet
Dan Bannino
from € 879  to € 1,789
 curated still life prints: The Trespasser 15 by Lynne Collins
The Trespasser 15
Lynne Collins
from € 1,019  to € 2,019
 curated still life prints: Rosen 2 by Kris Scholz
Rosen 2
Kris Scholz
€ 779
 curated still life prints: Musical Vanitas by Kevin Best
Musical Vanitas
Kevin Best
from € 629  to € 1,649
 curated still life prints: Skinny Love by Gerhard Mantz
Skinny Love
Gerhard Mantz
from € 829  to € 1,559


 curated landscape prints: Moonlight Peace by Babak Tafreshi
Moonlight Peace
Babak Tafreshi
from € 939  to € 1,719
 curated landscape prints: Temporal Perception #127 by Serge Hamad
Temporal Perception #127
Serge Hamad
from € 1,409  to € 2,349
 curated landscape prints: Indian Summer II by Christiane Steinicke
Indian Summer II
Christiane Steinicke
from € 1,089  to € 2,329
 curated landscape prints: Empire revisited by Matthew Cusick
Empire revisited
Matthew Cusick
from € 629  to € 2,179
 curated landscape prints: Kraftort Sils by Claudio Gotsch
Kraftort Sils
Claudio Gotsch
from € 1,159  to € 2,599
 curated landscape prints: SALT WORKS I by Tom Hegen
Tom Hegen
€ 2,339
 curated landscape prints: Mongolia Eagle Hunters II by Daniel Kordan
Mongolia Eagle Hunters II
Daniel Kordan
from € 689  to € 1,329
 curated landscape prints: Skye II by Peter Adams
Skye II
Peter Adams
from € 829  to € 1,719
 curated landscape prints: Adria XI by Bernhard Lang
Adria XI
Bernhard Lang
from € 1,329  to € 3,019
 curated landscape prints: Temporal Perception #55 by Serge Hamad
Temporal Perception #55
Serge Hamad
from € 1,409  to € 2,489


 curated animal prints: Hunters and Victims by Svetlana Melik - Nubarova
Hunters and Victims
Svetlana Melik - Nubarova
from € 479  to € 1,449
 curated animal prints: Circus 05 by Heiko Hellwig
Circus 05
Heiko Hellwig
from € 939  to € 2,029
 curated animal prints: Orangutan 6 by Catherine Ledner
Orangutan 6
Catherine Ledner
€ 29
 curated animal prints: Bison by Ramona Waldner
Ramona Waldner
from € 849  to € 1,649
 curated animal prints: Elephant by Tom Nagy
Tom Nagy
from € 859  to € 1,409
 curated animal prints: Hidden ocean 5 Trachymedusa by Kevin Raskoff
Hidden ocean 5 Trachymedusa
Kevin Raskoff
€ 309
 curated animal prints: No Taigaa (Imagine there is no tiger) by Yumiko Kayukawa
No Taigaa (Imagine there is no tiger)
Yumiko Kayukawa
from € 589  to € 1,199
 curated animal prints: The Dreamer by Heidi & Hans - Jürgen Koch
The Dreamer
Heidi & Hans - Jürgen Koch
from € 629  to € 1,139
 curated animal prints: Sanke by Heiko Hellwig
Heiko Hellwig
from € 569  to € 1,249


 curated nature prints: Heavenly Falls by Roman Johnston
Heavenly Falls
Roman Johnston
from € 1,159  to € 2,029
 curated nature prints: Eden III. by Katalin Vasali
Eden III.
Katalin Vasali
from € 1,059  to € 1,619
 curated nature prints: Wave 0821 by Douglas Busch
Wave 0821
Douglas Busch
from € 509  to € 1,249
 curated nature prints: Banyan Tree by Farin Urlaub
Banyan Tree
Farin Urlaub
from € 829  to € 2,179
 curated nature prints: Baikalsee I, Sibirien, Russland / Thomas Monsorno by Mammut Collection
Baikalsee I, Sibirien, Russland / Thomas Monsorno
Mammut Collection
from € 299  to € 1,159
 curated nature prints: Chaosmos 69 by Alessandro Puccinelli
Chaosmos 69
Alessandro Puccinelli
from € 939  to € 1,719
 curated nature prints: Woolland Woods by Chris Frost
Woolland Woods
Chris Frost
€ 1,759

Lumas Printmaking: Buy Framed and Mounted Prints

Our curators and artists recommend frames and mounting options for every artwork. This includes our Hahnemühle passepartout frames. All our prints are mounted on an aluminum composite plate made of Aluminum Dibond, a particularly long-lasting material specially adapted for art prints. Depending on your choice of size and framing option, our prints arrive with pre-assembled fittings for hooks and nails or gallery rails, so you can hang your print quickly and easily.

You also have a number of custom frame and mounting options, including face-mounting your print on acrylic glass. This protects your print, but also gives the artwork fascinating depth and color. This sets it apart from the way canvas prints retreat into the shadows when not directly under light.

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In the art world, Lumas is recognized as an authority on fine art. Our curators strive to provide collections of art which both move and inspire a viewer, and which are also possessed of certain qualities which make them suitable for decorating your home or office - not just the walls of a white cube gallery.

That's because we believe fine art should play a role in daily life. We also believe it should be more widely available to own. Our curations include works by established blue-chip artists whose work is frequently featured in museums and special exhibitions at world famous galleries, as well as artists at the beginning of promising careers. We strive to make their work available in limited-edition art prints for affordable prices.

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