Abstract Photography for Sale

Shop LUMAS abstract photography below. Our collection of abstract photo art contains a wealth of artworks featuring warped colors, straight and blurred lines, contemplative scenery, and familiar and unfamiliar worlds, both still and in motion. Abstract portraits, landscapes and pure abstraction all feature in this wide-ranging selection.

Our collection of abstract photo art features a range of artworks spanning the entire discipline of abstract art, featuring ingenious and innovative uses of form, texture, vantage points and photographic techniques. Portraits, landscapes and purely abstract images can all be found below.

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Abstract / Graphic
abstract photography:  Cheetah by Loooop Studio
Loooop Studio
€ 1,129
abstract photography:  Florales Faunales by Heidrun Göres
Florales Faunales
Heidrun Göres
€ 1,249
abstract photography:  Deconstructed Frida by Loui Jover
Deconstructed Frida
Loui Jover
from € 299  to € 1,149
abstract photography:  Exhale by Ania Luk
Ania Luk
€ 239
abstract photography:  BK D67262 RHYTHM IS A DANCER by Bettina Krieg
Bettina Krieg
from € 899  to € 2,489
abstract photography:  Azur by Beatrice Hug
Beatrice Hug
€ 2,079
abstract photography:  Lucky Mutt by Vincent Poole
Lucky Mutt
Vincent Poole
€ 2,369
abstract photography:  Irene's Wave by Matthew Cusick
Irene's Wave
Matthew Cusick
from € 1,109  to € 2,579
abstract photography:  New Yorker by Sandra Rauch
New Yorker
Sandra Rauch
from € 3,299  to € 4,069
abstract photography:  Beauty by Alexander Straulino | Trunk Archive
Alexander Straulino | Trunk Archive
from € 2,779  to € 2,879
abstract photography:  Enlightment by Andrew Bordwin
Andrew Bordwin
from € 999  to € 1,719
abstract photography:  No:220419 by Bahar Artan Oskay
Bahar Artan Oskay
from € 999  to € 1,699
abstract photography:  Ritaglio di natura #1 by Alberto Lazzari
Ritaglio di natura #1
Alberto Lazzari
from € 999  to € 1,579
abstract photography:  Frida by Richard Brandao
Richard Brandao
from € 299  to € 1,559
abstract photography:  The Entrepreneur by Vincent Poole
The Entrepreneur
Vincent Poole
€ 2,229
abstract photography:  Temporal Perception #127 by Serge Hamad
Temporal Perception #127
Serge Hamad
from € 1,409  to € 2,349
abstract photography:  Empire by Sabine Wild
Sabine Wild
from € 869  to € 1,979
abstract photography:  Mirador by Josh Von Staudach
Josh Von Staudach
from € 1,099  to € 1,709
abstract photography:  Couture Red Valentino dress with evening gloves by Eduard Erlikh
Couture Red Valentino dress with evening gloves
Eduard Erlikh
from € 1,019  to € 2,189
abstract photography:  Berlin loves Bowie by Sandra Rauch
Berlin loves Bowie
Sandra Rauch
from € 489  to € 1,139
abstract photography:  LA Dreams by Tim Marrs
LA Dreams
Tim Marrs
from € 1,079  to € 2,199
abstract photography:  BK D55632 UNTITLED by Bettina Krieg
Bettina Krieg
from € 879  to € 2,399
abstract photography:  Sails & Main of the Mariette by Jonathan Chritchley
Sails & Main of the Mariette
Jonathan Chritchley
from € 389  to € 1,399
abstract photography:  SALT WORKS II by Tom Hegen
Tom Hegen
€ 2,679
abstract photography:  Mylan's Wave by Matthew Cusick
Mylan's Wave
Matthew Cusick
€ 5,549
abstract photography:  BK D36064 AT A FREQUENCY IN BLUE by Bettina Krieg
Bettina Krieg
from € 879  to € 2,339
abstract photography:  Dalí by Rafael Barletta
Rafael Barletta
€ 529
abstract photography:  Boudoir Reflection II by Pezhman
Boudoir Reflection II
abstract photography:  Fright Wig (Red) by Gavin Turk
Fright Wig (Red)
Gavin Turk
abstract photography:  Sharing by Joerg Maxzin
Joerg Maxzin
from € 999  to € 1,719
abstract photography:  Palouse by Benjamin Everett
Benjamin Everett
from € 389  to € 1,339
abstract photography:  CASUAL LUXURY by Sanda Anderlon
Sanda Anderlon
from € 939  to € 2,019
abstract photography:  Frida by Richard Brandao
Richard Brandao
from € 1,089  to € 1,469
abstract photography:  crimson and scarlet I by Holger Lippmann
crimson and scarlet I
Holger Lippmann
from € 809  to € 2,649
abstract photography:  Bauhaus Dessau III by Sabine Wild
Bauhaus Dessau III
Sabine Wild
from € 749  to € 2,879
abstract photography:  Yellow Dance, New York 2008 by Maurizio Galimberti
Yellow Dance, New York 2008
Maurizio Galimberti
from € 629  to € 2,029
abstract photography:  Green City I by Sabine Wild
Green City I
Sabine Wild
from € 709  to € 2,329
abstract photography:  Hong Kong by Wenpeng Lu
Hong Kong
Wenpeng Lu
from € 1,359  to € 2,669
abstract photography:  Sketch Film of a Tree by Noel Myles
Sketch Film of a Tree
Noel Myles
€ 1,559
abstract photography:  Cactus Abstraction 04 by Ed Freeman
Cactus Abstraction 04
Ed Freeman
from € 909  to € 1,529
abstract photography:  Salt Shapes II by Kevin Krautgartner
Salt Shapes II
Kevin Krautgartner
from € 479  to € 2,029
abstract photography:  Infinite Mirror, Portland, OR by Andrea B. Stone
Infinite Mirror, Portland, OR
Andrea B. Stone
from € 629  to € 1,999
abstract photography:  Oak No 2 by Noel Myles
Oak No 2
Noel Myles
€ 2,339
abstract photography:  Ohne Titel (Nature is Dumb) by Raymond Pettibon
Ohne Titel (Nature is Dumb)
Raymond Pettibon
abstract photography:  Ohne Titel by Robert Longo
Ohne Titel
Robert Longo
abstract photography:  Spring by Christine Jaschek
Christine Jaschek
from € 739  to € 2,649
abstract photography:  Tokio, Asakusa by Andrej Barov
Tokio, Asakusa
Andrej Barov
€ 1,309
abstract photography:  Architecture by Manuel Ros
Manuel Ros
from € 259  to € 909
abstract photography:  Ciudad #9 by Johnny Taylor
Ciudad #9
Johnny Taylor
from € 999  to € 1,409
abstract photography:  House of Friends by Stefan Saalfeld
House of Friends
Stefan Saalfeld
from € 1,199  to € 2,329
abstract photography:  Illustration Circle by Piet Paris
Illustration Circle
Piet Paris
from € 489  to € 1,029
abstract photography:  Lucretia by Gazi Sansoy
Gazi Sansoy
from € 879  to € 2,019
abstract photography:  Omnipresent  by Christopher Martin
Christopher Martin
from € 1,929  to € 3,429
abstract photography:  Sylt by Josh Von Staudach
Josh Von Staudach
from € 789  to € 2,119
abstract photography:  Fuse #3, Mathis Rekowski by Joachim Baldauf
Fuse #3, Mathis Rekowski
Joachim Baldauf
€ 1,719
abstract photography:  Venice Beach IV by Sven Pfrommer
Venice Beach IV
Sven Pfrommer
from € 1,179  to € 1,409
abstract photography:  Fuse #3, Mathis Rekowski by Joachim Baldauf
Fuse #3, Mathis Rekowski
Joachim Baldauf
€ 849
abstract photography:  Seaside by Lacey | Trunk Archive
Lacey | Trunk Archive
from € 939  to € 1,779
abstract photography:  Polyptych of clouds by Antonio Rojas
Polyptych of clouds
Antonio Rojas
from € 889  to € 1,469
abstract photography:  Evakuierte Zone  by Gerhard Mantz
Evakuierte Zone
Gerhard Mantz
from € 819  to € 1,499
abstract photography:  Hallway III by Joerg Maxzin
Hallway III
Joerg Maxzin
from € 709  to € 1,249
abstract photography:  Untitled IV by Salar Ahmadian
Untitled IV
Salar Ahmadian
€ 2,189
abstract photography:  Untitled by Christoph Schrein
Christoph Schrein
€ 1,469
abstract photography:  Escalator I by Michael Michlmayr
Escalator I
Michael Michlmayr
€ 1,099
abstract photography:  Scene C by Hiroshi Sato
Scene C
Hiroshi Sato
€ 1,359
abstract photography:  Mao Blossom by Stephanie Hecht
Mao Blossom
Stephanie Hecht
€ 2,239
abstract photography:  Bahnsteig by Gero Gries
Gero Gries
from € 1,399  to € 2,809
abstract photography:  Shell Beach Inn by Marc Shur
Shell Beach Inn
Marc Shur
from € 299  to € 2,189
abstract photography:  Fire by Beatrice Hug
Beatrice Hug
from € 549  to € 1,719
abstract photography:  Sommerpause by C.neeon
€ 429
abstract photography:  Crosby Beach by Josh Von Staudach
Crosby Beach
Josh Von Staudach
€ 849
abstract photography:  Red Couture Valentino dress with evening bag  by Eduard Erlikh
Red Couture Valentino dress with evening bag
Eduard Erlikh
abstract photography:  Kein Spiel by Jens Nagels
Kein Spiel
Jens Nagels
from € 949  to € 2,499
abstract photography:  Artwork Earth 02 by Klaus D. Francke
Artwork Earth 02
Klaus D. Francke
abstract photography:  Liquid universe I by Thanh-khoa Tran
Liquid universe I
Thanh-khoa Tran
from € 339  to € 1,499
abstract photography:  Uncertain Layering I by Holger Lippmann
Uncertain Layering I
Holger Lippmann
from € 739  to € 2,369
abstract photography:  Uncertain Layering II by Holger Lippmann
Uncertain Layering II
Holger Lippmann
from € 739  to € 2,369
abstract photography:  Uncertain Layering III by Holger Lippmann
Uncertain Layering III
Holger Lippmann
from € 939  to € 2,649
abstract photography:  Uncertain Layering IV by Holger Lippmann
Uncertain Layering IV
Holger Lippmann
from € 939  to € 2,649
abstract photography:  Flow[R]Field II by Holger Lippmann
Flow[R]Field II
Holger Lippmann
from € 719  to € 2,109

An Introduction to Abstract Photography

Abstract photography is photographic discipline which draws our attention away from the "real" - that which is immediately apparent and recognizable. It directs our attention outwards to color, moods, impressions and patterns. As a genre, it encourages the viewer to focus on the ecompassing experience rather than a direct image.

In the 20th century, artistic pioneers like the American photographer Man Ray, the surrealists and the Bauhaus artist László Moholy-Nagy made decisive contributions to abstract art as a whole. In their experimentation, they often replaced traditional subjects of photography, such as portraiture or architectural photography, with novel compositions which were designed to communicate an experience of "unreality" to the viewer.

Since the invention of digital photography, abstract photographers have increasingly leveraged the camera's inherent capacity to abstraction as well as experimenting with digital editing methods to further push boundaries. At times, the original subjects in the works of artists like Thomas Ruff, James Welling or Wolfgang Tillmans enter the realm of pure abstract expressionism.

LUMAS Abstract Photographers

Our portfolio of abstract artists encompasses a wide range of creators, from established artists to rising stars.

Their works are composed using a variety of techniques, from slow shutter speeds, long exposure and macro lens photography to motion blurring and post-production editing. Contemporary photo artists utilize abstract elements and all manner of subject matter, from the human figure to open spaces and everyday objects.

Our collection features the tranquil creations of Beatrice Hug. In her focus on pure color over representational photography, Hug is one of the most innovative abstract photographers working today. Pablo Zuleta Zahr, who studied under the photographer Thomas Ruff, is one of the most sought after abstract photographers. Joerg Maxzin's works buck the trends of abstract photography. Originally trained as a sculptor, Maxzin does not avoid the human figure, instead working the figurative into his impressionistic takes on classic themes.

Buying and Collecting Abstract Fine Art Photography

Artist, theme, genre, format, age - all these play crucial roles in determining the value and collectibility of an artwork. But who determines worth, and who defines the intersection between art world trends and our decorative needs? This is where both art buyers and sellers turn to the experts.

This is perhaps truer in the case of abstract photography than in any other genre. What to one person may appear as undefined masses of lines and colors may appear to another as a vivid representation of personal suffering, or a metacommentary on the role of representative art.

This is where the LUMAS curators step in. Located in Berlin, Germany, we are widely recognized as an authority on art collectibility, specializing in the intersection of fine art and interior design. Our curators source beautiful abstract art that is both accessible and highly-sought after.

Throughout, we maintain a focus on enhancing your home, office, gallery wall or space. We sell artwork that is not just valuable in itself, but which will uplift, inspire, or provoke.