Fine art print by Jens Hausmann and Hiroshi Sato

Fine Art Prints for Sale

Fine Art Prints are one of the most powerful artistic techniques. The Lumas portfolio contains a wide variety of themes and genres, including abstract, contemporary, digital, black & white, nude, geometric and more. Explore our curators' carefully curated collections of fine art prints, and find the right artwork for your space today!

Fine Art Printmaking

Fine art prints by Damien Hirst and Lee Jeonglok

As a fine art, printmaking is distinguished not only by the seriousness of its subject matter, but by the materials, techniques, and expertise which go into them. The most widely recognizable prints are by the European old masters, like Albrecht Duerer, Goya, Rembrandt, and Holbein the Younger. The Japanese tradition of Ukiyo-e, which impacted the subsequent development of art in Japan and Japonisme in Europe, likewise raised printmaking and painting on woodblocks to the status of a fine art, while also being a popular artform.

Today, fine art prints are made as original creations, as photography, paintings, drawings, and artworks created in other mediums are impressed onto high-quality surfaces like wood or paper. In his works, photo artist Reinhard Goerneris both inspired by and pays tribute to the great traditions of European printmaking.

Lumas Masters Editions contains fine art prints by such latter-day masters as Ai Weiei, Takashi Murakami, Shephard Fairey, and Damien Hirst.

Solar Habana y Amargura II by Werner Pawlok

LUMAS fine art prints

LUMAS specializes in museum-quality photographic art. Together with our partners at the Whitewall laboratory in Frechen, Germany, we produce high-quality art prints. Our prints are produced on lavish and precise fine art papers, including Hahnemühle, and with several varieties of inks, including pigment and giclee. While fine art printmaking methods can be highly variable, ours are recognized for resulting in peerless, museum-quality limited edition prints.

The LUMAS collection of fine art prints features techniques including line engraving, silkscreens, lithography, and aquatint. Works by our artists consist of everything from photographs to prints of paintings, from entirely digital creations to collage artworks.

Christo's Wrapped Globes are stunning collages, consisting of photo prints, drawings, photography, and painting. The stunning black and white architectural profiles by photo artist Gabrielle Croppi lends her photography a powerful quality, reminiscent of Italian futurist paintings. The bold c-prints by Lee Jeonglok are composed of layered landscapes of light. His innovating technique results in photo art, with an essence of contemporary painting.

Explore the LUMAS portfolio of famous fine artists, working across a range of mediums, creating fine art prints as lithography, giclee photo prints, woodcuts, and more.

LUMAS Lithographs

Lithography is a print method by which an image is impressed using a stone or plate. In lithography, it is not only the status of the artist or the quality of the final print which counts. As in the production of silkscreens, the artist is present in the print process, devising the lithographs themselves by hand, using an original technique.

LUMAS Silkscreens

Pioneered by the leading voices of pop art in the 1960's, silkscreen printing is a form of screen printing. Screenprints make use of fabrics to apply an image to a surface. Silkscreens transfer the image to paper, wood, or other surfaces with silk.

A Fine Art Print for Your Home or Office

Needless to say, a fine art print is not a piece of cheap canvas wall art - it is an artwork with the power to make a powerful statement. The richness of materials, the scantness of prints produced as limited editions and the evident mastery behind such artworks can transform any wall or interior space into a bold home gallery.

An unframed print allows the art to assert itself. Alternatively, a frame is another way of tying the print together. Framed prints can become harmonic artworks of themselves. A neon-framed work can draw a bright line on the wall around a print, creating the effect of a pop art poster or a digital frame. More traditional wooden frames enclose a print in a way that can communicate fixity, or cause a print to be discontinuous with surrounding objects on the wall, allowing them all to present themselves.

Still looking for a print for yourself or for someone special? Explore our collection of art gifts by famous and emerging artists, and find an original gift for a partner, a friend, or a colleague!

Our curators and interior design experts are happy to advise you on how to best stage your print, find the next artwork for your collections, or curate your home gallery from the ground up. Set up a consultation in one of our art galleries!

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