Frida by Loui Jover on a gallery wall

Fine Art for Sale

Explore our curators' selection of fine art from the Lumas portfolio. Learn what separates fine art from everyday design, and find a beautiful fine artwork for the walls of your home or office!

Fine Art and High Art

Fine art eludes any easy definition. It may, however, may be said to refer primarily to the practice of the visual arts in which aesthetic contemplation, theoretical intention and technique are all undertaken on a certain plane of sophistication, often learned in fine art academies, or through other academic endeavors. While today largely synonymous with high art, the fine arts developed from a multitude of social and artistic impulses. Before modernity, art was more uniformly a proof of social status, an object of religious devotion and a palimpsest of truth.

Fine art painting, printing, and sculpture started to become a movement unto itself in the early modern period in Europe, roughly between the Renaissance and the Enlightenment. It was anticipated by traditions and contemporary fine arts from China, Japan and Persia, among other countries. Antiquities, including prehistoric cave paintings, informed movements in classicism and primitivism, both of which have been profound currents that the fine arts in the 20th and 21st centuries have practiced, appropriated - and tried to make their escapes from.

Contemporary Fine Art

Fine art's current identity as a medium for irony and social critique is largely built on the reputations of famous names of contemporary art like Gerhard Richter and David Hockney. Largely propelled by concepts, contemporary fine art may be found across traditional media including painting, printmaking, dance, or photography, but also in video, and as ephermal installations, the eventual dismantling of which is crucial to the message.

Works by Lumas artists like Dean West and Hugo Pondz are reminiscent of those of David Hockney. Takashi Murakami has created a contemporary visual langauge all his own with his famous pop artworks,

Lumas Fine Art Prints

Fine art printing is one of the most storied chapters in art, and today remains one of the most interesting of artistic media. Lumas has partnered with WhiteWall, the world's leading photo lab and print shop, to create its high-quality limited editions. Unlike cheap giclee printing, a Lumas print is created as a photograph. Our prints are produced over special aluminum plates, and can be face-mounted under museum-grade acrylic glass. Our fine art prints are museum-quality reproductions of original artworks, executed in the media of photography, canvas painting, drawing, and digital processing - combining several different techniques as mixed media - before being transformed into our award-winning fine art prints.

Search thousands of stunning and stylish artworks and find the right original print for your home or office. Explore our curators' collections of fine art prints, and bring the elegance and energy of our fine art prints into your home!

Lumas Fine Art Photography

Lumas is known as a gallery at the cutting edge of photographic art. Our photo artists work at the peak of the fine arts, producing stunning and in-demand conceptual and abstract artistic photography.

Our curators' selection of fine art photography contains a wealth of original photography, by some of the worlds' greatest photo artists.

Discover these great artworks across all genres, in our portfolio of fine art photography!

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