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Tim Marrs

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In his collages, Tim Marrs pieces together diverse visual elements to create colorful works of art. With computer manipulation, he seamlessly merges drawings, photographs, silkscreen prints and movie posters. He draws inspiration from different media, depicting famous musicians and athletes as well as popular lifestyle brands.

With vivid, luminous hues, the Juxtaposed series consists of iconic images that have bored their way into the collective conscious. We see a special form of street art that tells its tales from a dynamic perspective. Featuring skylines, street scenes, and sports collages of basketball, football, and baseball snapshots, the works are full of movement and agility. Marrs plays with graffiti art influences, different perspectives and proportions to create works of art that flow into each other.

One of the most renowned contemporary illustrators, Marrs works for the largest sports companies in the world. His visual language is genre defining and has made a major impact on the aesthetics of modern illustration.


British artist Tim Marrs studied at the renowned Central Saint Martins College in London. He has worked with Nike, Bentley, and Converse. Marrs work has earned him an International Motion Art Award as well as a Platinum Marcom Award.