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Fred Koch (1904-1947?) moved in the world of object photography in its purest form.  He is a universe between science, art and, by all means, socio-romantic claims, which the Bauhaus represented for him: bettering mankind through an education in aesthetics and an acquaintance with good style.  The photographs presented here by Fred Koch, which excelled alongside Renger-Patsch, Aenne Biermann, and other masters of the inorganic world of crystals and mineral, are plant studies created with prude elegance.  They have widely forfeited the floral of Art Nouveau and come across, completely with the times and the zeitgeist, as design-objects.  The borders between nature and art are suddenly, strangely permeable.  The game between opulence and reduction in Fred Koch’s photographs is far driven and creates notable studies of a newly-objective purism.
Dr. Boris von Brauchitsch


1904born in Berneburg, Germany
1947died in Munich, Germany