Special Art Editions

Special Art Editions

Hand-Signed & Limited – Two Works for a short time only - from €299

Step into the world of contemporary art with LUMAS SPECIAL ART EDITIONS. Our hand-signed, limited editions have impressive formats, exquisite framing, and unbeatable introductory pricing, making them perfect for budding art collectors & enthusiasts looking to get their foot in the door. Find your new favorite artwork in our exclusive selection.

✓ Elegant dimensions 60 x 90 cm

✓ Hand-Signed, Limited Art Editions

✓ Framed & mounted under acrylic glass

Wolfgang Uhlig | Calm – €399

Wolfgang Uhlig is the master of ocean photography. His crisp and contemplative photographs capture the sea and its vastness in a visual language that invites viewers to dream alongside . In Uhlig’s hands, delicate movements amidst the waves become visual experiences. An allegory of our world is composed out of sky and sea.

Supplementing the contemplative atmosphere of the artwork is the white, custom-made, shadow gap frame, whose crisp lines beautifully highlight the vastness of the sea. The finest and most intriguing details of the artwork are accentuated by the acrylic glass, which refines and illuminates the water’s subtle movements.

Tommy Clarke: Orange Umbrellas

Horst & Daniel Zielske | Brooklyn Bridge II – €299

You’ve got to see New York City – through the eyes of Daniel Zielske. The renowned photographer captures the city that never sleeps from a completely new and unexpected perspective. Zielske reappropriates New York in his own unique way, telling a new story of the city, beyond the crowds.

Zielske uses his expertise to capture the light-and-dark contrasts of the urban landscape, a technique known as chiaroscuro. The effects of these contrasts are intricately emphasized by the high-quality print and acrylic face mount. The ArtBox frame seamlessly aligns with the motif, adding a tasteful and elegant touch.

Claudio Gotsch: Zimt und Zucker


✓ LUMAS guarantees the authenticity of their artworks
✓ Each Limited Edition features a handwritten artist’s signature
✓ Including Edition certificate with details regarding format, technique, date, total edition and edition number

Limited Edition Photo Art

✓ One of the most extensive portfolios of contemporary photography in the world with more than 3,000 works from 250 established and emerging artists
✓ An international network of 25 galleries worldwide
✓ Attractive offers and special terms for corporate clients

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