Paris IV by Martin Schwartz
2020 / 2021 ART324
Martin Schwartz
Work details

Paris IV

Paris IV
Martin Schwartz. ART NOW
18 x 13

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Background Information about Martin Schwartz
What sometimes frightens city planners is what inspires the Danish graphic artist Martin Schwartz. He condenses famous metropoles into impressive pictorial spaces, gathering the city's famous landmarks and highlights in one compact space. His works resemble a playful who's who of the world's cities, always with an emphasis on graphics and architecture. The four part New York series captivates with its elegant division into four separate elements, which together make up the true grandeur of the city. Labels and buildings shine in soft colours. Old and new, glittering and shapely, come together in a composition full of urban harmony.

Martin Schwartz is a passionate illustrator and graphic designer. His works have an impact individually, as well as in sets of 4, and reduce, as well as expand, the view of the city. The artist thus reveals his talent for bringing the big cities to the visual "point". Each of his works is a homage to the diversity of buildings found in every city. The artist devotes a lot of time exploring the city to gain understanding of its fundamental character. He talks to locals and visits every district to gather first-hand information and impressions. The result is spectacular works of art that showcase a cities iconic buildings, historic bars, and typical homes that can be found in great detail.

Schwartz's style is very distinct: his works have their own character and are immediately recognizable. At the same time, the artist surprises his audience with ever changing motifs and great creativity, which manages to turn every city into a unique work of art with its own special charm.
Born 1974.
Lives and works in Copenhagen.


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